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Tarea de Ingles: Religions.

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1 Tarea de Ingles: Religions. el Lun Mar 23, 2009 9:05 pm

Sikhism: Sikhism is one of the largest world's religions, with more than 25 million people. Sikhs view men and women as being completely equal. In Sikhism, every person is fully responsible for leading a moral life, they do not believe an intermediary can supplicate on one's behalf to God. They view spiritual pursuits as positive experiences in and of themselves that transcend death, not as sacrifices made in order to collect a reward that is waiting until after death.

Buddhism: Founded in India 2,500 years ago, Buddhism remains the dominant religion of the Far East and is increasingly popular in the West. Over its long history Buddhist has developed into a wide variety of forms, ranging from an emphasis on religious rituals and worship of deities to a complete rejection of both rituals and deities in favor of pure meditation. But all share in common a great respect for the teachings of the Buddha, "The Enlightened One."

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